1. Golden

Artist: Chloe Watkinson
Written by Jordan Safer, Gillian Snider, Chloe Watkinson


Didn't think you'd hurt anyone,
A wide open mind,
and eyes staring straight at the sun.
Didn't know how it would go down,
Summing it up,
And taking it all at a run.

Smiling all of the time,
hiding what you can't hide,
you think that everyone's blind,
don't you?

Steady as a kickdrum,
fragile like a rose,
sirens in the distance,
your heartbeat grows.

Golden boy, shine on, shine on,
the headline dropped,
now your friends are gone,
You scratched that itch for far too long,
it took you places that you don't belong.

Slipping up on an incline,
sharing the blame,
you're wasting your breath and your time,
Sliding down on the other side,
after the ride,
your family's dying inside.

Smiling all of the time,
hiding what they can't hide,
they aren't stumbling blind,
like you.

Steady as a kickdrum,
fragile like a rose,
as long as you're the victim,
your heartbeat slows.

Golden boy under halogen lamps,
your eyes are glazed,
and your forehead's damp,
This might be your last attempt,
to save what's already been spent.

Golden hills are for serene,
Golden hills are surreal,
Golden hills are for real,
Golden hills go on forever.

Go on forever...